We have repurposed this software solution to provide 2 way video learning to your students, academies, & gyms.

Support your instructors and continue to train and learn from them. This is a time to support each other emotionally & financially.

We are providing this solution at zero cost to those businesses and independent coaches, professors, and instructors during this time of crisis.


Get Better, faster. Using your phone, upload video clips of your training and competition for your instructor to provide you with one-on-one reviews and comments

Advice from Experts

Your instructor privately provides feedback on each of your videos. If you or your instructor stop using the service, your videos and comments are still available.

Immediate Results

In a matter of minutes you can upload a video, receive feedback and start implementing the changes into your training and competition.

Right From Your Phone

There is No App to download. You can film, trim, and upload without touching your laptop.

The Process Is Easy!

Record Video of

Submit Your Footage to Your Instructor

Get Feedback, Fast!

Instructors, Camps & Academies

HookSweep gives you easy to use tools to engage your students. Whether you're a single instructor or run a camp with thousands of participants, we have you covered.

Instructor Technique Videos

Upload your own techniques and breakdowns for your students. Techniques can be up to 20 minutes in length.

Student Video Reviews

Privately Comment on your students' videos and help them improve their performance. Student videos are capped at 20 seconds to ensure you can scale!

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Donations go toward the operation of this service and athletic governing bodies and organizations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most trouble spots reveal themselves quickly. 30 seconds of video is more than enough time to show the lead in, issue/error, and final result. This also allows your Instructor to focus on fixing your mistake versus sifting through minutes of no action or having to write about multiple mistakes.

Professor videos can be any length.
We use Microsoft Azure. We trust their service and reliability. Azure also provides full control over the videos and helps ensure privacy.
As long as you like! Your comments and videos will be available for you even if your instructor is no longer active on the site.

We may from time-to-time disable accounts after one year of inactivity.

Yes! HookSweep controls access to any and all comments and to all of your videos when the comments are made through our system. These comments are kept between you and your instructor and will remain this way*.

*At HookSweep we take privacy very seriously. We also take the relationship between instructor and student very seriously. If, at any time, there is a question of impropriety, we will comply with any reasonable law enforcement request. We also review videos for any content that may cross the acceptable line for video content sites.

Not at this time. We are looking into a solution for this scenario.
Yes! HookSweep works with anything where a student can shoot a video and post it for an instructor to review and comment: music lessons, public speaking, dance - the list goes on.
No. In order to use HookSweep, you must select an instructor. At this time HookSweep is free for instructors to use for their students.