We believe success should come at the benefit of others rather than at their expense.

Athletes in fringe sports have a difficult time making a living while simultaneously preparing for competition. Students would like to connect and learn from top athletes in their sports.

HookSweep brings the student and the athlete together.

How many basketball players would like to send videos of their dribbling skills to Michael Jordan or how many baseball pitchers would like to get pointers from Mariano Rivera on their throwing motion?

In large sports the athletes aren't accesible.

In smaller sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling you can reach out to these athletes and often times get a response.

We bulit HookSweep to enable athletes to use their knowledge to help students who may not be able to train in San Diego or in New York City or other meccas of their sport.

The athlete is able to generate revenus and the student gets to learn and connect with some of the top athletes in the world. Everyone wins.

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HookSweep can be used for any sport or endeavor that can be filmed!